We are always one step behind

I've been with teams to help manage Adwords accounts for two other non-profit organizations. One being for apptechdesign.org and the other being bbbswashtenaw.org, myself along with other team member were successfully able to optimize their Adwords account in order to give the consumer a better user experience.

The Adwords campaign is up and running and with less than 24 hours we are starting to see activity. Although, it will still take time for the account to mature to be able to collect useable data. We want to convert quickly so we are going to need to do our part with some SEO work. Consumers want a path of least resistance in order to give them the experience they were looking for. If you're able to minimize this for your consumers than you're going to be able have higher conversion rates. There is currently a high level of traffic being recorded from the text ads for Ascape Audio, impression are increasing and the clicks are starting to follow. Studying human behavior is challenging and rewarding, I use to be an aircraft mechanic and trying to diagnose human behavior doesn't have an end. Will always be one step behind.


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