Spark!! There's a reason it's called that.

The digital age allows us to see and consume more information more readily then ever before. With that, there is a higher demand for students to help get their company in the direction they need. Companies benefit from programs such as Spark that help companies direct them in a high demand market for information. Giving companies opportunity gives them hope and when you have hope you gain confidence. Confidence allows you to perform your job properly and with integrity, it's called Spark for a reason to give these companies a spark of confidence to get them the extra boost they need. The effort they put in to help students gain the experience they need is greatly appreciated. Most of the people mentoring us still have other full time jobs to fulfill but they see the importance of getting the youth the direction needed. I've been pretty much a self starter growing up, seeking guidance at any age is important to improve your abilities. I learn a lot from the younger generation while also combining with what I can learn from older generations. It's a wonderful experience seeing how people interact with their companies by their performance and the project they are working on. It has allowed me to see what talents certain people have so that if I need guidance in a certain area I know where to seek it.


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