It's all about that Landing Page

I'm starting to find out how important a good user experience is in order to get positive conversion. In the past I have optimized Adwords accounts for nonprofits which got little traffic to the site. So I didn't get to grasp the full implications of how important a landing page could be. As I sit here and analyze why the conversions haven't happened the way I would like, it dawned on me that I let one of my own pet peeves and what was taught to me slip me by. It's crazy to think that some features should be a no brainer, as you say to yourself, "our product is right there on the site why can't you find it". You can become so complacent about a site you look at on a daily basis that you forget to step back and look at it from a user visiting the site for the first time. 

In order for the Adwords/Shopping account to work properly you need to do what is important on our end to make sure the consumer has all of the information needed to make sure they are comfortable with their purchase. We have to give them the imagery necessary that they feel confident that no other search is required to make a purchase. You can have the best Adwords/Shopping campaign but if you don't have Mariano Rivera then nobody will hit that "Buy Now."


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