Desai Interns, WOW

Now that I know I have found out how important a user experience is we had to step back and look at why people are not having a good experience. I'm able to work with other talented interns to get their insight on how to get a better user experience within our site. They have very useful knowledge on what interest them within a website considering they are growing up with the internet. They have no idea the pains and suffering we had with AOL dial up, or telling your parents to get off the phone so you can go into some chat rooms. I'm glad they never had to suffer, their knowledge of the digital advertising industry is great to have. Their vision of what is needed in order to get a product pushed has been essential for Ascape Audio to make it to the next level. Understanding the differences in their abilities helps get the team together to perform towards a common goal. I've asked for help and they are able to answer, they asked great questions that cause me to sit back and listen. This is a great experience having them around and they have pushed me to do better. Our future generation is going to be just fine.


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