The Goggle Call/Bus Ad

It's important to give your customers more opportunity to purchase your product. We want to be able to reach more consumers through search and for us to accomplish this we needed to set up a Google shopping account. Thanks to the team at Google they were able to guide us through the process and they will offer us support for the next 90 days to make sure the account is optimized. We need to drive and influence the buyer to make the purchase so the company can grow. People tend to use Google search to look for a product, people are willing to purchase a product that will fit their needs instead of a name they recognize.

We are also excited to have a print ad up in the Ann Arbor bus system. With a lot of people on the bus listening to music we figured this would be an excellent opportunity to give potential buyers other options for their listening needs. We understand that it can be hard to track conversions through print ads, so in order to help track this a discount is offered on the ad.


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