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The Goggle Call/Bus Ad

It's important to give your customers more opportunity to purchase your product. We want to be able to reach more consumers through search and for us to accomplish this we needed to set up a Google shopping account. Thanks to the team at Google they were able to guide us through the process and they will offer us support for the next 90 days to make sure the account is optimized. We need to drive and influence the buyer to make the purchase so the company can grow. People tend to use Google search to look for a product, people are willing to purchase a product that will fit their needs instead of a name they recognize.

We are also excited to have a print ad up in the Ann Arbor bus system. With a lot of people on the bus listening to music we figured this would be an excellent opportunity to give potential buyers other options for their listening needs. We understand that it can be hard to track conversions through print ads, so in order to help track this a discount is offered on …


I've been able to compile a list of companies or people that have spent their time reviewing anything involving the technology world. I want to focus on people that have mainly done headphones or especially earbuds. These influencers are able to reach a wide range of people through either their social media accounts or mainly their Youtube accounts. Now it's time to figure out which company or person would be the best to reach out to. I can go at this in two ways, who has the most viewers or who is developing the best content. There are videos that have been really well edited that puts the product on a pedestal and then there are videos that give people a basic understanding of the product. It will be interesting to find out how people react to being contacted about reviewing our product.

Getting Back to Task

I had surgery last Friday and today I actually feel like a human again. It has been a rough recovery but I'm getting through it. I can now start focusing on getting influencers to test and give a review for our truly wireless earbuds. A lot of people look for videos to see how to fix an item, get instructions on how an item works, or if a product is worth purchasing. I've done this in the past, to make sure my purchase is going to be worth my investment I view user reviews to see the product in action. This at times has helped me make my purchasing decision. So, I'll be tasked to find influencers to test our product and write a review on it. To start I'll find a list of prominent reviewers and develop and good approach on how to contact these people. Coming up with a custom approach to each influencer is important so you do not sound like you're coming off like a robot. This should be challenging but a rewarding task.

Digital Biology

In some form of schooling we have all at one point dissected to reveal and learn the inner workings of some sort of an anatomy. Can we cut open the digital world to reveal it's inner workings and how people react to it? Sort of, but, it takes ingenuity to learn and change consumer behavior through e-commerce. Before digital we had to use surveys and a lot of lag time to determine the consumer behavior with our product. Now we have the necessary tools needed to quickly figure out how consumerism is working within our site and how they obtained our product.
Google Shopping gives you the product through intent of searching for a product while Facebook gives your product more awareness. In the coming weeks I'm curious to see how different the consumers interactions are.

Google Shopping Ads/Facebook Ads

Since being a part of the Ann Arbor SPARK program that introduced me to Ascape Audio, I've been able to witness how small businesses operates through e-commerce. It's interesting how Amazon has given start ups an opportunity to cut overhead cost by allowing companies to store and ship all of their merchandise at their holding facilities.

Currently, the only avenue that Ascape Audio is using at a marketing level is through Amazon. We are exploring other options on was to expand our revenue stream through the use of advertising. I've created a draft of text ads through Google Adwords using keywords such as "truly wireless earbuds" and ads that follow those themed based keywords. Some of the keywords that we want to use command a high cost per click, which may indicates a highly competitive market. Text ads are great if you can reach your target audience, but, when shopping for and product seeing it visually helps grabs the consumers attention. We are now currently …